Things Are About to Get Better – Part 3 |

Sunday Service – 22 August 2021

Matthew 13:1-9 (TPT) 1Later that day, Jesus left the house and sat by the lakeshore to teach the people. 2 Soon, there were so many people surrounding him that he had to teach sitting in a boat while the large crowd stood on the shore. 3He taught them many things by using stories, parables to illustrate spiritual truths, saying: “Consider this: There was a farmer who went out to sow seeds. 4As he cast his seeds, some fell along the beaten path and the birds came and ate them. 5Others fell onto gravel that had no topsoil. They quickly shot up, 6but when the days grew hot, they were scorched and withered because they had insufficient roots. 7Others fell among the thorns, so when they sprouted, the thorns choked them. 8But other seeds fell on good, rich soil that kept producing a good harvest. Some yielded thirty, some sixty, and some even one hundred times as much as he planted! 9 If you’re able to understand this, then you need to respond.


  1. Thou the gospel free it is not cheap. You don’t get the word when hear it but when you apply it. It’s Time For A Change. Not improvement or adjustment modification. John 10:10. metamorphoses
  2.  Jesus is a change specialities. Let me call few witnesses to the witness box John 5 38years. Mark 5 issue blood 12 years. Mark 10 Bartimaeus on his way out of Jericho. Don’t allow people who cannot change your predicament dictate you behaviour. They said be quite he cried louder Jesus stood still. The quality of you life will be determined by who you chose not to listen to. Don’t move until my condition change.
  3. The word and not the sewer has power – drug addict into a praise addict. It also has promise

1st The Wayside Soil

  • The soil is hard and compacted. A hard heart is stubborn. In my heart I did not like and it showed on my face.

2nd Rocky Ground

  •  Rocks is a hard place. Some rocks are under the ground. Some people cannot handle hard moments.
  • You don’t get betrayed and don’t get hurt. Just because you are not feeling the pain does not mean you are not hurt.
  • Idols Ezekiel 14:2 anything more important than God that absorbs your imagination more than God and anything you seek to give you what only God can give.

3rd Thorny Ground

  • Your are is crowded – you cannot tell who is who
  • The some area of our hearts where there weeds
  • The antidote to worry is faith


  • Good soil – you cannot help hear the name of Jesus and remain the same. There is change
  • Lessons from events of the corona. New baseline. Let everything that hath breath praise him.
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