The Counsel of the Godly – Part 2 |

Sunday Service – 12 September 2021

Psalm 1(TPT)
1What delight comes to the one who follows God’s ways! He won’t walk in step with the wicked, nor share the sinner’s way, nor be found sitting in the scorner’s seat.

Psalm 1(KJV)
1Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.


  • Nothing is waisted in the kingdom
  • My people perish because of lack
  • Animal analogy


  1. Respect high esteem
  2. Gives you access to the unusual
    • Honour up God that God has sent unlocks
    • Honour down
    • Honour all around

Honour God

  1. Dwell in his presence 1 Chronicle 16:27 Glory and honour are in his presence; strength and gladness are in his place.
  2. Waiting on his presence
  3. Scriptural understanding Psalm 49:20
  4. Mentor impartation Num 27:18-20
  5. Walking in his calling Heb 5:4


  1. Respect every human being as an image bearer of God (I love addressing a homeless person as “sir” when I stop my car and ask him for directions. I enjoy seeing a well-dressed man like myself address him with dignity and then seeing his eyes light up and wanting to do anything he can to help me have the
    proper instructions).
  2. Put other people before ourselves according to the attitude of Christ shown in Philippians 2:3-12.
  3. Recognize and celebrate one another’s unique gifts, personality and calling.
  4. Highly regard one another with our words when we are not with them personally.
  5. Understand the challenges of others and how the Lord is processing them to maturity towards their unique calling (knowing a person’s context helps us honor them properly).
  6. Defer to one another and make room for one another’s gifts (jealousy is the opposite spirit of honor because it breeds insecurity and limits your ability to accept a person’s calling, ability and place in the kingdom).
  7. Recognize the true value of each person’s contributions and speak it to them and to others.
  8. Give a person monetary gifts or public praise and recognition equal to the quality, sacrifice and kind of work they haveaccomplished.
  9. Do all we can do through our prayers, acts of kindness and teamwork to aid those around us to accomplish their calling in the kingdom.
  10. Use our gifts to serve, and protect other people.
  11. See husbands love their wife and overlook their weaknesses and commit themselves to their spouse’s success.
  12. See wives respect their husband in spite of their shortcomings. They release them to love and protect and provide for them and
    their family.
  13. Trust a person’s word. Through this, we give them honor and respect.
  14. Keep our word to a person. Through this, we honor them and show them respect
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