June – First Friday Prayer

Prayer Chain Schedule per Home Cell Group

  1. 19:00-20:0 is Centurion, Irene,clayville and Midrand Homecell 
  2. 20:00-21:00 is Pretoria,Pretoria East,Pretoria west,Hartebeespoort and Brits Homecell
  3. 21:00-22:00 is Pretoria north,Rosslyn,soshanguve,Montana and Garankuwa Homecell.

Prayer Guide

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Prayers of Intercession

  1. That the virus would be contained and that this pandemic would come to an end.
  2. That people who have contracted Covid-19 would recover and be healed.
  3. That people who do not have the virus would be protected, especially the most vulnerable among us.
  4. That Health Care workers would be strengthened and energised as they serve their communities at this time. That they would be protected from the virus as they work to save lives.
  5. We pray for Scientists and the World Health Organisation. We pray for wisdom when producing policies and procedures and guidelines. We pray for the invention of a vaccine.
  6. That God would provide for those who are in need, the poor and people whose income has been hugely affected by the pandemic. That God would meet people’s needs through those who are financially blessed, and that a culture of generosity would flourish.
  7. We pray for the global economy, that it would be strengthened through the innovation and creativity of business leaders, presidents and world leaders, employers and employees.
  8. We pray for the decision makers of our world: business leaders, presidents and world leaders, health leaders and church leaders. That God would give them wisdom in navigating the path ahead, and that they would make good decisions on how to move forward both during the pandemic and after.
  9. We pray that the church would be ready to explain the hope that they have in Jesus even in the midst of this global pandemic to those who do not know him.
  10. We pray for all those who do not yet know Jesus, that they would come to know him. That the Gospel would spread across the world impacting and changing people’s lives and that God would be glorified.


 Prayer for Our Relationship with God

  1. We pray for a hunger and desire for God’s presence. That where we have come to depend on and thirst for things other than God, that during this lockdown period we would turn to God and seek him wholeheartedly.
  2. We pray that where we have placed God and prayer in the ‘boring but important’ category of our lives that we would find a renewed joy and excitement in his presence, and in our relationship with him.
  3. We pray that where we have been distracted by other things, that God would help us to prioritise spending time with him throughout our days.
  4. That we would learn to sit at the feet of Jesus, becoming more like Mary than Martha. That we would learn to dwell in God’s presence, ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.
  5. We pray that our relationship with God would grow and flourish during this period. That our passion, love and commitment to Jesus would grow.
  6. That we would be captivated by the Father’s love for us, his pursual of us, and in awe of his faithfulness towards us.